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I’ve been working to improve all sorts of voices (singing and speaking) for about 17 years now. Your voice is the most valuable communication tool and the world’s most powerful sound. It’s uniquely connected to your identity and how people perceive you. Lot’s of emotions are linked to the voice and that’s also the reason why I love my profession so much. People get filled with joy when they feel that they are moving forward in the process of their voice and breath work and can witness amazing results for themselves. It’s a privilege to take part in the progress to help, coach and support. 

The corner stone in my teaching – breathing

In more than 90% of my students that are dissatisfied with the way their voice sounds and how they communicate (tense, nervous, too weak, too strong, nasal, hoarse, strained, sound-less, sharp etc), the problem is caused by forced inhales high up in the chest.” 

I strongly believe that we are meant to breathe through the nose, both for well being in general and to be able to reach our full potential when we sing and communicate. A developed everyday breathing reduces stress and gives you a better voice at the same time. Some people breathe quite alright (silent, through the nose, low, rhythmic and slow) through the nose until they start to speak or sing, where strained chest breathing is common with all of the disadvantages that comes with it. Since most people use their voices quite a lot throughout the day, it’s important to develop your breathing also when you speak, not only when you are quiet. 

If you should pick one only thing to evolve with the intention to improve your voice, aim for an everyday breathing through the nose. 

My services can come in handy if you:

  • Suffer from stage fright
  • If you breathe poorly (shallow, noisy, through the mouth, fast etc.)
  • You would like to have more authority in your voice (louder, more timbre, lower pitch etc.)
  • Develop and solve problems when you sing (your vocal chords constrict when you try to reach the higher notes in a song) 
  • You cough, need to clear your throat again and again, having asthma, anxiety, stage fright or suffer from a dry throat/vocal chords (nose breathing can help) 

Read more about my history and how I got rid of my severe asthma through singing and breathing here: 


Got my degree (song and voice teacher) at The Stockholm University College of Music (in swedish: Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut, SMI). I have completed my university degree with an approved exam in Estill Voice Training System (EFP). I am also certified as a breathing instructor through the high esteemed method of Conscious Breathing. 

Alongside my profession as a Vocal Coach I also do some standup, singing and acting. 

For more interesting content, visit my blog Snacka Sunt (Talk healthy). It’s in Swedish but you can find a translation tool in the upper right corner. 

Inquiry, questions

I do 1:1 sessions online and workshops IRL. If you have any questions or would like to book me, send me a mail at d.sennerstrand@gmail.com

Based in Stockholm, Sweden

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