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  1. Maryem säger:

    I have the original V1 voisren of the Yuba Mundo. Add another 10 pounds or so to the weight of Doug’s. It can certainly be used as a daily, unloaded bike and after a few months you will have legs of steel. Much as I like cargo bikes, I would guess that the real world’ difference is a bit greater than the figures quoted in the article. I doubt that these stats take into account the larger, wider tires that cargo bikes normally use and some other adaptations. Probably just loaded extra weight onto a standard bike and tabulated the results.I am still totally in favour of cargo bikes, but my experience is that they take a bit more effort than the figures indicate.

  2. Than säger:

    fără eendoială singurele cargo bike-uri din Bucureşti. Detalii derpse cum arată ele găsiţi aici. Patria lor este eensă Amsterdamul. Şi, am descoperit recent, Copenhaga. cen prima zi de după

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